The A/C air was lukewarm at best

The temperature has been in the 90s this week, but every day it has been hotter and hotter and it is getting harder and harder to regulate the hot and cold temperatures inside of the house, then the humidity has been around 90% or higher too and that does not help much at all.

I’ve been running the A/C unit in order to combat the heat, however Last year the A/C unit stopped working.

The A/C air was lukewarm at best. I put our hand up to the area where the air was coming out of the vent and it absolutely did not feel cold. I thought our options were limited. I had to call someone to help me or repair the A/C myself… Since I do not have any system how to repair that particular appliance, I decided to call a Service Company in Orland park, Illinois. I’m just outside of Orland park, Illinois, however it is the closest major neighborhood to our home and I usually have to find a repair provider there if I need help, but when I had a problem with the plumbing I contacted someone in Orland Park to help. I contacted the same business in Orland Park when I had trouble with the AC. I knew that the supplier handled a variety of weird complications including a/c work, furnace work, and plumbing and electrical work. I have an appointment with a certified specialist in a couple of days. I am hopeful they will be able to diagnose and repair the problem on the same day, then after waiting for the appointment, I entirely do not want to wait much longer to have the repair completed.


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