I couldn't find a reason to get out of bed that afternoon

I’m just not delighted here in Seattle

The constant rain as well as dreary skies make myself and others guess unquestionably sad as well as depressed, however i moved to Seattle 3 weeks ago to be with our girlfriend… She is a software designer that works for Microsoft. She couldn’t leave her task with Microsoft as well as find a new task making the same amount of cash, so I agreed to transfer to Seattle from the Midwest, however things are a lot odd in Seattle than I expected. There are some superb things as well as some bad things. I entirely care about the fact that recreational as well as medical marijuana are legal in Seattle, Washington. I spent half as much cash on medical marijuana as I did before I moved; Unfortunately, that is the only thing that helps with our mental health. I hate the rain as well as the clouds. It rains almost every single afternoon in Seattle as well as it’s making myself and others guess unquestionably crazy. Last month I couldn’t find a reason to get out of bed; Even when the pet was jumping on myself and others to go outside for a walk, I still kneel there in bed feeling care about I could not transfer our arms or legs. I smoked a little bit of marijuana as well as that helps to brighten our mood for a short time. Unfortunately, I don’t guess all the marijuana as well as the world is going to change the situation. I’m just not delighted here in Seattle. I don’t believe what the answer is to the problem, but I don’t guess maybe living in Seattle is going to work for much longer. I hate to disappoint our girlfriend, but I easily can’t handle the weather.

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