Upgrading to smart temperature control

With my wife and I both working full-time and 3 youngsters involved in school activities and sports, both of us struggle to find time to spend at home… Our apartment is located in Cocoa, Florida, where the weather is predominantly hot and humid; The two of us run the central air conditioner just about all year round.

The cost of cooling is significant, however although I spent more on a higher efficiency air conditioner, I’m always looking for ways to trim energy bills.

I realized that it was costing me a luck to keep an empty apartment perfectly cool. I started making an effort to raise the temperature control setting before my family left in the afternoon; We’d then come lake apartment at the end of the day to a horribly boiling house. It would take the air conditioner quite a while to bring the temperature down to a comfortable level! Just recently, I replaced to a smart temperature control. It was 1 of the best lake apartment improvements I’ve ever made. The temperature control wasn’t overly extravagant and has suddenly paid for itself by lowering our cooling costs. The unit automatically adjusts output of the air conditioner when the apartment is unoccupied. It keeps track of the location of every family member’s phone and reacts when we’re on the way home. At the ideal time, the temperature control starts up the air conditioner to make sure both of us step inside to the ideal comfort level, and plus, the temperature control reminds me to change the air conditioner filter and schedule annual professional service. It tracks energy USAge and provides tips for savings. I appreciate that I can access information and programs via an app on my smartphone at any time from wherever I happen to be.

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