They sold pre-rolls and vape pens in the casinos.

I entirely felt my age when I was in Las Vegas, then there were ladies that looked young enough to be my granddaughters, walking around in barely there costumes and having their picture taken on the sidewalk with clients.

They gave almost everyone who had a picture taken, a ticket to the show they were in, and a pamphlet to let them guess how to get to the casino; Along with the ticket and pamphlet, the people walked away with a picture and a pocket that was $77 lighter, and my daughter-in-law, whom I was travelling with, looked at the ticket and asked if she was expected to go alone? The young girl told her there were tickets sold at the arena and nearly pranced as she walked to the next potential customer, however from there, the people I was with and I headed to a small cafe my daughter-in-law had read about! She told me to order anything I wanted, because she was paying this time, however i noticed it was called the Cannabis Cafe, and I wondered if they sold marijuana there, then heather smiled and reminded me that recreational marijuana was legal in Las Vegas, NV. After having dinner, the people I was with and I headed to the casino. All of us already had a great time, when I realized they were selling vape pens inside the casino. Although recreational marijuana was legalized in Las Vegas, NV, it really surprised me to see that they were selling vague patents. I walked up and asked them if they were marijuana or E cigarettes. She leaned closer and asked me which I would like it to be? I really didn’t want either, so I hastily walked away.


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