After leaving the city, every one of us stopped for marijuana

One of my preferred things I like to do on the weekend is go to the beach.

  • I adore being able to live close to the water.

It is a single of the biggest reasons why I decided to transfer to the coast. I was offered a job in the midwest, although I ultimately chose to transfer to San Francisco instead. I knew it was going to be more extravagant to live in the bay area, although I didn’t want to be too far from the beach. My home is about 45 minutes away from the water. I go to the beach on the weekends when I do not have to work! One of my preferred beaches is right outside of the San Francisco Bay area. I went there last weekend and had a pretty fantastic time with my friends! We smoked recreational marijuana while every one of us were there and every one of us managed to finish off everything that I had. We stopped for marijuana supplies on our way back from the city. We waited until after every one of us left San Francisco to stop for marijuana supplies. The prices on marijuana in San Francisco are usually a little bit higher than their prices outside of the city. The tourists have to spend money higher prices for their items, and the taxes inside of the city are entirely much higher than the taxes outside of the city limits. My friends and I entirely saved about 20% on our order just because every one of us waited until every one of us were five more miles east of the city, then you have to guess where to go when you are a local.

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