Both of us drove to the Chicago River for a breakfast picnic with pot after a game at Wrigley Field

Before I moved to Chicago, I never had a opportunity to see Major League Baseball games.

My condo town is nowhere near a metropolitan neighborhood with a MLB arena in it, so I had to settle for minor league baseball games.

There’s nothing wrong with seeing minor league games, but I was particularally eager to live in a neighborhood where I’d have more options available as a athletic interests fan. Some cities have major league teams in nearly every major athletic interest. I considered moving to Detroit for this reason, but most of our family is in west MI near the shores of Lake MI to be exact. When you calculate driving distance, it’s really closer for myself and others to live in Chicago than it would be living in Detroit. I’d have to reach them on Interstate 94 one way or another. On top of that, it’s difficult to beat having access to Wrigley Field & the Chicago Stadium. I have become a Chicago Cubs fan going to games at Wrigley Field whenever I can save enough money in our entertainment budget to buy baseball tickets. Cannabis is strictly prohibited in Wrigley Field, but you can always eat a few cannabis edibles before leaving your home or apartment. On top of that, our fiance & I prefer to leave the baseball games & go for breakfast picnics in various neighborhood parks. The last time the two of us made the choice to go to a Cubs game the two of us drove out to a small wildlife park along the Chicago River to prefer a breakfast picnic with our cannabis oil pens. It was a charming afternoon where the two of us got to prefer the best of metropolitan life in the neighborhood before heading westward to a more natural backdrop by the Chicago River.

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