I prefer taking trips down to Grand River when going to see our folks in Lowell on holiday

I unquestionably miss living in Michigan after I had to leave the state for work reasons.

Now I live in the south where the weather is unbearably hot all of the time.

It might be nice to avoid some of the drastic Winter weather every now and then, although I hate not having actual seasons to experience. Our winters fluctuate in hot and cold temperatures as high as the low 75s, but nowhere lower than 30 degrees while in the worst cold snaps. Fall and Springtime are often the same in regards to the highs and lows from morning to morning, and every one of us don’t have the decreasing colors of the tree leaves to indicate the passing of late Summer into early Fall appreciate there is in Michigan. More particularly, our folks live in a rural village right outside the community that was built where the Flat River meets the Grand River—Lowell. At less than 4,000 residents, Lowell still possesses the beautiful small town vibe that is disappearing in expanding communities appreciate Grand Rapids, Muskegon, Jackson, and Kalamazoo. Despite its small size, there is an avid cannabis passionate community there and the opening of cannabis dispensaries is an indicator of that. Whenever I return to visit our folks on holiday, I usually stop at our favorite cannabis store in Lowell which is located N Hudson St. Then I head down to a camping spot along the Grand River so I can prefer all of our many cannabis products in nature appreciate I did when I was young and still living in the beautiful Great Lakes State.
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