The coldest place in Tampa Bay

I have always been the type to root-root-root for the home team, as the song says.

  • In high school a lot of my friends hated the “jocks” and the athletes, and were openly dismissive of any and all sports.

I was not an athlete myself, but I enjoyed watching them play, and I also enjoyed cheering them on. Sarcastic people don’t understand this, but there is a sense of community that comes from sitting in the stands rooting for your sports stars to win the game. It can bring people together, and I enjoy that even more than the sports. Tampa Florida is a great place to live for people like me. Tampa Bay isn’t a “sports town” like LA, where it’s part of the culture, but it is getting there slowly. My favorite is probably going to see the Tampa Bay Lightning play, because I love the ridiculous idea of ice hockey being played in Florida. Florida is godforsaken swampland, constant heat and humidity, and the exact opposite sort of a place then you would expect to find hockey. But Tampa has grown so much that we needed a hockey team, even though it takes an HVAC system the size of a cruise ship to power it! Let me give you some free advice, if your air conditioning ever breaks at home you should spend the evening in Amalie Arena watching the Tampa Bay Lightning. With all the ice of the rink, and the shockingly cold HVAC system they have, that building is easily the coldest place in Tampa, and maybe in all of Florida.

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