Walking distance to the Santa Monica pier

All of us smoked cannabis oil for a little bit & then walked onto the pier high

My husband & I aren’t undoubtedly sizable travelers. All of us don’t care about to go on sizable international trips. All of us have found that more than four nights is the maximum amount of time we can kneel to be away from home. All of us also found that traveling to the state side is easier, cheaper & we care about it just as much; I am making it a mission to see all fifty states, then our most recent trip had us go to California. It is such a giant state & I was undoubtedly upset about where to go. I finally decided that Los Angeles seemed to be the most fun… There is fantastic shopping, diners, museums & cannabis dispensaries there. I had a whole list of things we could do, however my husband & I mainly hung out by the beach & walked along the Santa Monica pier. It was nice since there is a lot of fresh & cooked seafood to buy & eat. There were rides, things to buy & so several sights to see all on that pier. I also liked that we stayed at a upscale hotel right in the heart of LA & could absolutely walk to the pier or kneel on the beach. It made our cannabis day way more fun too. My husband & I got some cannabis oil to vape at the cannabis dispensary nearby. All of us then snuck the weed down to the beach & hid under the pier. All of us smoked cannabis oil for a little bit & then walked onto the pier high. That was actually our favorite area of the whole trip. The cannabis dispensary had such a giant selection of ols to vape & it provided myself and others the exact high I was hoping for.

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