I love smoking joints in Will Rogers Memorial Park

While I’ve only been living in Beverly Hills for a few months now, I moved to Sun Valley after graduating with a PhD from the University of California Riverside.

One of my all time favorite things to do while living in Sun Valley was hiking The Angeles National Forest.

Cannabis has been legal recreationally in California for over five years now and I have wasted no time going out and sampling batches from various stores in the San Fernando Valley area. It’s really fun to buy a pack of pre-rolled joints from a local dispensary to take on a hiking trip in the Angeles National Forest or Topanga State Park to the southwest of Sun Valley. These are wonderful hiking locations, but you need to be careful of the many rattlesnakes found in southern California. As long as you keep your eyes peeled and avoid tall grass where snakes are most likely to be found, it’s not the most dangerous place to go hiking in the United States. It sure beats Grizzly country in the northern Rockies, regardless of how pretty that area may be. We have plenty of beautiful mountain backdrops in Los Angeles regardless. Thus far I’m enjoying my life here in Beverly Hills. Some weekends I roll a few joints of the strongest cannabis I can find in a local dispensary and then I go for a long walk in Will Roger Memorial Park. I like to find places away from others where I can smoke my joints in peace. It’s not legal to use cannabis in public in California outside of private businesses, but it’s not a big deal if you’re not imposing on other people who might wish to avoid secondhand marijuana smoke.

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