I love the summer weather, but it's hard on the AC

One of the reasons why I decided to move to Cocoa, Florida is due to the wonderful weather.

My friends and I enjoy the summer months and the hot temperatures.

I absolutely love to be on the water. I have lots of water near me living in Cocoa, Florida. I can go to the river or the ocean. The summer weather is always good for fishing and boating. I love this summer weather, but it’s really hard on the AC in my apartment. I had to contact the apartment building manager this week, because I came home from work and the AC wasn’t working. The apartment building manager contacted a Cocoa service provider, because the maintenance Supervisor was on vacation for a week. The maintenance supervisor usually handles all of the HVAC work, because he is the only certified person on the staff. With him on vacation, the manager had to call an actual AC repair service. I went back to my apartment after speaking with the manager. About an hour later, she called me with an update. She could not get someone out to help me that day, but she scheduled an appointment for me first thing in the morning. She apologized for any inconvenience and promised that the AC problem would be repaired first thing in the morning. I went to stay with a friend of mine that night, so I didn’t have to sleep in a hot and humid apartment. I came back the next morning bright and early so I could be there when the service provider arrived.

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