This dispensary is beautiful

I think of myself as a legitimately patient person, but there are times when I can even become upset with people… I’ve been working for the same Denver marijuana dispensary location for the past more than five years.

I started as the assistant director as well as I have been working as the store director for the last 4 years… Everyday I like my job as well as I have a lot of fun! There are never times when I am unhappy being at work.

There are definitely times when customers will get on my nerves! A situation care about this occurred last Wednesday when I was working while I was in the afternoon as well as I was alone; One of the employees at the Denver marijuana dispensary was busy to work until 3 pm. The next budtender was not busy to start until the night shift at 5 p.m. I only had two hours alone as well as those are absolutely the slowest times throughout the day. I only had multiple total customers while I was in those two hours, but one of them turned out to be a feisty older lady that wanted to argue as well as scream in my face. I had never seen the client before in the Denver marijuana dispensary location. It was in fact her first time, she was under the assumption that she was going to gain a 20% off discount for her first-time patient order. I carefully explained to the client that every one of us no longer have that promotion. It ended last year when every one of us changed our store policies. The woman started yelling as well as screaming as well as she demanded to speak with the director. When I told her that I was the director, she accused me of lying as well as threatened to call the corporate dispensary office.

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