I was happy we found a place to smoke the joint

My girlfriend and I flew into San Francisco to go to a three day art show.

  • My girlfriend got the trip paid for by her company by offering to write an article for the magazine about the show.

The only thing we actually had to pay for was the cost of my plane ticket. It was last minute, but the flight from our home to San Francisco was only an hour and the cost of the ticket turned out to be a low $200 fare. When we landed in San Francisco, we went directly to the car rental counter. We absolutely wanted to go to a marijuana dispensary before we went to the hotel. It was the first thing on our list, because we couldn’t take any recreational marijuana supplies with us on the plane. My girlfriend and I were both starting to feel nervous and anxious and we decided to go to the first dispensary in the San Francisco Bay Area that we saw. The place didn’t have the best prices, but they had a huge selection of pre-rolled marijuana joints. My girlfriend and I picked out several different items. After we left the recreational marijuana dispensary in San Francisco, we went to the hotel. We look for a place to smoke that joint. There were a lot of people outside in the parking lot, so there’s no way we could hang out by the hotel. We had to drive a couple of blocks and find an empty parking lot before we could enjoy the recreational marijuana joint that we purchased from the dispensary in San Francisco.


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