We rode on a cable car after getting high

After I started using recreational marijuana, I really got a kick out of the mundane activities that were normally quite boring to me.

The first time I got high and rode on one of the San Francisco cable cars, I had an enjoyable time and I spent a lot of time just taking in the scenery of San Francisco.

I lived in the Bay Area for years before I had the opportunity to really enjoy the scenery. I spend all of my time at work and I put off having fun for another day. That’s one of the reasons why I decided to start using recreational marijuana. My doctor told me that my head was going to explode if I didn’t find a way to relax. He suggested trying recreational marijuana. I went to a San Francisco marijuana dispensary and found a product that was a sativa marijuana strain. I smoked the sativa marijuana strain and I was high for an hour. After that, my body felt completely relaxed. I tried a smaller ghost the next time I wanted to relax. I realized there were other products in the San Francisco marijuana dispensary that were better for me. For instance, edibles have a great effect that is a relaxing body high and less of a psychoactive high. I can take 20 mg of THC edibles in the morning and I feel calm, stress-free, and relax most of the day. A second dose at lunch time takes away all anxiety that I used to feel at work. The San Francisco marijuana dispensaries seem to be selling miracle drugs.



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