I had fun at the lake all day

Living close to Chicago means living close to Lake Michigan.

  • I live in a suburb of Chicago, just south of the city in Orland Park, Illinois.

Orland Park is still a part of Cook County. It is close to the interstate and a very short drive to the city. My friends and I decided to drive from Orland Park to Lake Michigan so we could spend the day by the water. We took a couple of kayaks and paddleboards. The water was very calm that day and we had a very interesting and exciting day at the lake. When we came back to the apartment, we found the apartment to have no cool air. The AC was running, but the air was warm and humid. After having fun at the lake all day, my friends and I were all tired and ready to lay down and get some rest. Unfortunately, we had to contact the manager for the apartment so we could get the AC problems fixed. I called the management office three times and did not get an answer. I finally decided to leave a message for the management team. About 45 minutes later, someone finally called me back. The maintenance supervisor agreed to come look at the AC, but he was downtown at the time and would not be able to help us until later that afternoon. It was almost dark by the time the maintenance supervisor arrived to look at the AC problem. Thankfully the issue wasn’t a major problem and the maintenance staff had the AC running again before we went to bed.

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