Food and fitness in New Mexico

I consider myself to be a foodie. When I go on a trip, I research the heck out of it. I look into the eating establishments for hours. It is pressing to me to have a great hotel and fantastic spots to eat at. If I can find a little cafe with bread, cheeses and desserts, I am going to go there. My ideal trip would be to just walk around hunting for shops, eating and drinking. I wouldn’t mind seeing some pretty sights and getting pampered in the hotel spa. My fiance is an active gmanuy. He enjoys biking, jogging and hiking. On a trip he wants to do stuff and see things. He is down with going on a tour, taking a car around the country or going on a long bike ride. For me, that doesn’t sound all that fun. I have to be really careful when planning a trip that it isn’t totally for one person. Thankfully I found a good trip location that will cater to us both. Albuquerque, NM has everything we could possibly need. I found some gorgeous hiking and biking trails. I also found a hotel that is really cool looking, but has a running path for my fiance. He can run and see the sights while I get pampered at the hotel spa. I even found that there are tons of different eating establishments with amazing cuisine. It is in NM so obviously there are tons of Mexican locations to eat. I also found the Golden Crown Panaderia has all sorts of breads and desserts. One bread is a red-chile bread that I am dying to try. I know I need to take my fiance out all afternoon before I can get him sitting in a little shop with me.
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