Evansville, Indiana is a great town for your vacation

Last year, I wanted to take a road trip to the Midwest section of the country, and I could not settle on what town or town I should visit, then after searching the internet for a couple of minutes, I finally found a blog about Evansville, Indiana, and I was blown away by how much there is to do in that city! So, I did not hesitate to pack our car up, and beginning our trip to explore this charming town; I had an entire itinerary planned.

It included visiting more than one of the museums, and I also went to the Angels Mounds State Historic Site which is a prehistoric Native American site; While I was there, I was able to go to a baseball game and I spent some time downtown by the river. And of course, I visited the infamous Self.e Alley where I was able to take some pictures to remember our trip, and post on social media. While I was there, I was surprised at how charming the weather was. I visited the town in Springtime of last year, and there were mornings where I didn’t even need a jacket. In fact, a couple of the mornings the weather was in the mid-75s. I stayed in a hotel near the OH River, and I didn’t use the a/c in our room, however because it was so close to the river, the temperature in the room stayed at about 81 degrees. At home, I keep our thermostat at 77 degrees so 81 was pretty comfortable to sleep in. I loved Evansville, and I idea to visit that town again.


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