We got too high before that

My friends plus I enjoy to explore numerous parts of Los Angeles on the weekends when we’re off from work.

Yesterday we opted to go hiking on the trail to Mount Wilson plus were able to get some amazing photos in the process.

Even if they’re not large behemoths, I still enjoy scaling smaller mountains because it’s an relaxing experience. I started doing this when I was raised in the upper peninsula of MI. We lived close to the Porcupine Mountains which are more characteristic of the foothills of the Appalachians than any greater peaks, but that doesn’t detract from their natural beauty. This is what I stress with people when they complain about the “hills” in CA opposed to “common mountains.” You don’t need sizable mountain peaks to get a great view of the town below. It’s what draws me to the Santa Monica Mountains throughout the year when the weather is pleasant. My most recent visit to the section took me to Corbin Canyon Park. I made the mistake of getting so high that I felt glued to the ground walking on the natural trails. The indica strain I bought at a nearby dispensary in Tarzana made me so weary while hiking that I wanted to stop plus kneel on the ground to take a nap. The next time I go hiking on 1 of the numerous nature trails in the Tarzana area, I’m going to use less cannabis or find an energizing sativa strain instead of a sedating indica strain. I should have known that an indica would give me trouble, but they’re not constantly harshly sedating varieties of weed. Some indicas think more enjoy hybrids than anything else.



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