Visiting dispensary on vacation

My friends and I recently spent ten days in Beverly Hills, California.

The area is famous for spotting Hollywood stars and the abundance of luxury and wealth.

Just sitting at a cafe and watching the people and cars going by was fascinating. We really enjoyed shopping on Rodeo Drive but couldn’t afford to buy anything. We took a bus tour of the star’s home, visited the historic Greystone Mansion and wandered through the famous Beverly Hills Hotel. We drove our rental car from the Santa Monica Mountains to the Hollywood Hills, admiring the scenery along the 21-mile long Mulholland Drive. The views of the Los Angeles Basin, the San Fernando Valley and the Hollywood sign were amazing. With recreational cannabis legal in California, we really wanted to stop at a dispensary. We were surprised by how bright, modern and comfortable the shop was. The budtenders were super helpful and explained the wide variety of products. There was nearly an endless selection of dried flower, pre-roll joints and blunts, tinctures, carts, concentrates, extracts and edibles. Since we didn’t want to invest in any extra gear, we decided to stick with tinctures and edibles. The advantage of a tincture is that the small package fits right into a pocket and includes a handy dropper for precise dosing. There’s no smoke or odors, making consumption especially discreet. Plus the effects are felt very quickly. We also bought some cannabis-infused gummies and chocolate. They were surprisingly tasty but also quite potent. We made sure to follow the recommendations for dosage and waited several hours before consuming more.

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