Air conditioning that needs work

I’m pretty bummed out, because I can’t afford to repair our A/C right now.

I’ve had multiple problems with the A/C component during the past multiple years.

I know like everything was great until the warranty was up, and since then, it has been 1 problem after another. I’ve dealt with mechanical plus electrical concerns. I’ve run out of freon, now I’m being told that the A/C component cannot be repaired unless I spend $1,200. I can’t afford to spend that money with the holidays right around the corner, and both of the kids have anniversarys in November plus I want them to have a party. I would like to have the party somewhere near the beach in Clearwater; Clearwater has some of the prettiest beaches plus there has a couple of locales that host kids anniversary parties, but one of them does a treasure hunt on the beach plus that would be perfect for our boys. If I spend $1,200 on the A/C repairs, I will not be able to give them the party of their dreams. I’m going to try to get a service to pay the bill, but I’m not sure if they will cover a large service that is more than $1,000, however last time I had an issue with the AC, I called the Tampa Bay service plus they issued a check directly to the service service for the $340 plus fees that were due to the corporation, then they told me to call if I ever needed help again, but $1,000 is a lot different than 300 plus I know undoubtedly greedy asking for help again.

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