I was walking in the mist, and I didn’t care.

Last week, I was walking in the mist of Niagara Falls, and I didn’t care.

I had always loved Niagara Falls, and whenever I had any ‌problems, I would head to Toronto, Ontario and stand by the fencing that kept people back from Niagara Falls.

Standing on the deck was enough to feel the mist as it hit your face. Ever since I moved to Toronto, Ontario, I felt like I was not where I should be. I could never make Toronto, Ontario a true home. Every fiber in my being wanted to return to my home city, where my parents, family, and a girlfriend lived. The night I walked in the mist of Niagara Falls, I was at my lowest. I had gone to the local marijuana shop and purchased pre-roll marijuana cigarettes and some edibles. I wanted to get high and not feel anything. Instead of not feeling anything, my feelings surfaced. When I realized the mist on my cheeks was not from Niagara Falls, but because I was crying, I knew it was time for me to pack up and leave Toronto, Ontario, and go back home. I know some people will tell you that marijuana is a drug and it should all be illegal. I also know that being able to relax and think with the use of legal marijuana, I could find my true feelings that were locked deep inside. No job, or amount of money, should have been able to take me away from my home and put me in Toronto, Ontario, where I knew no one.


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