We have a great community program

I am a big supporter of our Off Center Community Arts Project.

Here in Albuquerque we have a nonprofit place where local artists can be on their own. You have access to a studio space where you can do your stuff in peace. Anyone can have a spot in the studio. Art is a really broad and easy term too, and people who paint, make clothes, make jewelry and play guitar are all at the studio space. I prefer the mood there and the peace. I prefer that I can set up my easel, bring my paints and not be talked to. If I want to chat to local artists like myself, it is always welcomed. I have made quite a few friends through Off Center. I am really big in acquiring donations to keep the location going. Secondly, I do supply a painting class every Friday at 3 pm and all the money goes back into the center. A lot of the local artists will be giving sewing courses, crafts, guitar lessons, you name it. It is pressing to keep our community going. Not only is encouraging art a great thing, but having a safe space for boys. There are men that go to Off Center that might not have the best homelife, but here at the studio, they can be safe. Off Center also has been known to draw in tourists and help us raise money. Most people come to NM looking for recreational marijuana. Both of us have tons of shops here. However, travelers soon find our state has a lot more to offer.
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