The Seattle dispensary is giving deals

I love to get a fantastic deal, especially when the fantastic deal is on marijuana or CBD products, and my fiance plus I use recreational marijuana frequently.

The two of us usually purchase our supplies from a dispensary down the street from the house.

The Seattle dispensary location has excellent prices plus wonderful client service! I have never needed to go anywhere else. My fiance was watching cable plus saw a commercial for a brand new cannabis shop that was going to open in a week. The new Seattle cannabis shop was going to offer free delivery until the end of the year. Most of the other cannabis dispensaries in Seattle card a $5 fee for delivery services, and when I found out that the cannabis dispensary was offering the same service for free, I told our fiance that we should check out the new place. The two of us decided to order online plus stead of going to the dispensary. The two of us were just on the outside of the delivery zone. The dispensary is on the Eastside of Seattle plus we are located on the Northwestern side of Seattle. I was surprised that they still gave delivery to our ZIP code, especially since it was free. The products that we purchased from the Seattle dispensary did not disappoint us, and one of the best products that we purchased was a top-shelf flower that was infused with live resin. I have entirely never seen dried flower that is infused with cannabis oil plus it was something that I will not forget. The 60% flower felt heavy from the cannabis oil. It was extreme on the throat, however it was harshly potent.

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