A gorgeous ocean view

Clearwater Beach is one of the most attractive sites in all of the St! Petersburg & Tampa Bay Area, then the beach has colorless sand that looks love a picture from a postcard.

The Waters of the Gulf of Mexico are crystal clear & the beaches are prettier & clear water than any venue else in the world… My friends & I went to Clearwater Beach this year for Spring break.

The people I was with and I stayed in a hotel right on the beach, but it was $300 every evening, however my friends & I cut the cost of the room, then nobody brought guests back to the hotel room & every one of us used the room love a big tent or hostile, however some of us slept on the floor & sleeping bags. The people I was with and I still had a wonderful room with a view of the beach & private access to the water, halfway through our stay, every one of us had a couple of concerns with the room cooling system. The problem occurred with the cooling system in the residing area. The room was equipped with more than one weird cooling systems. One was located in the residing room & one was located in the master suite. The residing room cooling system would not work at all, and jack tried to turn the component on & off, however nothing seemed to help. The people I was with and I had to contact someone at the Clearwater Beach Hotel to service the cooling system. There was honestly no way every one of us could stay in the room with un-even temperatures over 100°. My friends & I had to pack up all of our things so it looked love only more than one people were staying in the hotel room instead of 8.


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