The festival was worth the 90 minute drive

I only get a couple of afternoons away from the office and I don’t usually prefer to go someplace too far from the apartment, however i dislike to rest in traffic… There’s nothing however traffic in San Francisco… No matter where you go, there are going to be lots of cars and people.

The city is always filled with tourists.

It’s impossible to go someplace on the weekends… Most of the time I stay condo and Order marijuana supplies from a San Francisco dispensary. The dispensaries in San Francisco all supply marijuana and most of them don’t charge a fee for the service. I planned to stay at condo last Monday and I planned to order marijuana from a San Francisco dispensary close to our home. My husband had other plans… She wanted the many of us to go to a pumpkin festival to celebrate fall and Halloween. Normally I would totally find this to be a fun interest, however the location of the festival was 90 minutes from our home in San Francisco. I actually did not want to go, so I tried to come up with every excuse possible to get out of the Trap, then unfortunately, our husband wanted me to go with his and he wasn’t going to take no for an answer. The many of us packed up supplies for a morning trip and both of us drove down the coast to the location of the pumpkin farm. I have to admit that the morning was actually nice and filled with a lot of fun. The weather was positively elegant with a light breeze and lots of sun, then we could not have asked for better weather or a more fitting holiday event.


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