I love the rooftop bar the best

I travel a lot for work and my spouse Ed comes with me, but he has a task that is totally online based. It isn’t a concern to pack up an iPad and work in a hotel room. I just make sure to get a big hotel with a desk. I also try to get a nicer location in a bustling district. That way if Ed finishes work, he has something else to do, but recently my task took myself and Ed to NM, especially Albuquerque. I started looking around at hotels and found a boutique hotel with a 1930s flair. It has a prohibition theme and the old time drinks. The best is the rooftop bar and lounge though, and you can go up super high and drink while overlooking the city. At night the lights along the bar really give off an excellent view. I knew that every night Ed would want to have a drink on the rooftop and enjoy the night air while overlooking the city. The actual hotel room was seriously neat with the aged time theme and the beds were quite luxurious. It also was in a good location to a lot of unique eating establishments, bars and cannabis dispensaries. Ed and I aren’t big smokers but it was nice having the option. Our state doesn’t have cannabis shops on every corner… Being near one made it easy to just have a pot brownie at the end of the afternoon to wind down. Both of us really loved going to see that location. It proved to be really relaxing but also fun.


Recreational Pot Albuquerque NM