Prices on recreational cannabis are going down all over Washtenaw County in 2022

I was really excited when Michigan legalized recreational cannabis in 2018, because I was sick of the fees to retain my medical marijuana card. However, I soon realized that I might as well keep my card because jars of cannabis flower buds were as much as $75 after taxes if you were buying off the dispensary’s recreational menu. I wondered if recreational cannabis prices in Washtenaw County would ever go down, but thankfully we’re starting to see that change in early 2022. I left for a few months to work abroad, and when I came back I suddenly saw eighths of cannabis flower products for as little as $35 at a number of prominent cannabis dispensaries in Washtenaw, Wayne, Jackson, and Livingston counties. My dad has been smoking weed since the 1970s and he said that it hit $50 an eighth of an ounce in the late 1980s, so he’s happy to see that number drop after decades of being the same. My favorite dispensary in Ann Arbor is on the corner of Liberty St and 5th Ave, and I am ecstatic to see their prices dropping so much over the last two years. I think that so many companies swept into Michigan with their cannabis operations that it overswelled the market and suddenly the supply is higher than the demand. You can drive into any small community from one end of Washtenaw County to the other and find at least four cannabis dispensaries in even the smallest communities and hamlets. There are a lot of cannabis stores on the east end of Ann Arbor near the border to Ypsilanti.

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