I am glad we have all four seasons

I am glad that I live in a location that has all four seasons.

  • I can’t imagine people in the south that only get heat basically all year.

How do you get in the holiday spirit without snow? I can’t imagine people and their children never making a snowman before. Some of the colder locations are missing out too. Their summers are so brief that they can’t even enjoy them. There is no reason to get an air conditioner, pool or boat. How sad is that? I am glad that I live in Illinois and that I get all four distinct seasons. I love how everything changes over in the fall. The slight crisp to the air is just perfect. I can prolong turning on my heater and I start getting into fall spirit. I buy pumpkins, cider and make lots of baked goods. The winter in Lansing Illinois is a true winter. My kids get to play in the snow, I scrape ice off my car and the heater runs all the time. I like that it snows on Christmas each year. Spring brings about beautiful flowers since they are allowed to go dormant during the cold season. I then end with a summer that isn’t so overpowering that we can’t even enjoy it. I own both a heater and an air conditioner. I rake leaves and have spring flowers. Most locations are seriously missing out only experiencing around two seasons. They don’t get to see how nature changes and the animals that come forth each new season.


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