I decided to move away from Buffalo, NY

Last November, I got a promotion at our job that required me to transfer to Buffalo NY… At first, I minute guessed moving to Buffalo because I enjoy living in NY City, however after careful consideration, I decided to take the leap! Before I moved, I did some research about Buffalo, and I was a bit distraught about the weather because Buffalo NY is a lot colder than it is in the city, but in fact, on average the temperature in Buffalo NY in the Wintertide is officially 10 to 15 degrees lower than the temperature in NYC, and they get 3 times the snow.

I do prefer seeing the snow, and I welcome that, but I knew the chilly hot and cold temperatures would be a challenge for me… Hence, the first thing that I did when I moved was to make sure that our Heating and Air Conditioning plan was running efficiently, and it could handle those brutally chilly Wintertide afternoons. I found a local Heating and Air Conditioning provider and had a serviceman inspect the unit. He offered some tips on how best to conserve energy, while remaining comfortable in our home, the serviceman commanded that I followed the directions of the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and set the control unit to 71 degrees in the Winter. I thought that was a bit too cold, but I have been doing it, and the home is more comfortable than I thought it would be. He also commanded that I installed a programmable control unit to conserve even more energy. I have not yet done so because I am doing the research on getting a zone Heating and Air Conditioning plan installed. I suppose that is something that will make sense since I plan on staying in Buffalo NY for a while.

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