The weather in Buffalo, NY

Last November, I got a promotion at my job that required me to move to Buffalo NY, but at first, I third guessed moving to Buffalo because I love residing in New York City, but after careful consideration, I decided to take the leap, and before I moved, I did some research about Buffalo, in addition to I was a bit concerned about the weather because Buffalo NY is a lot colder than it is in the city.

  • In fact, on average the temperature in Buffalo NY in the Wintertide is officially 10 to 15 degrees lower than the temperature in NYC, in addition to they get 3 times the snow.

I do savor seeing the snow, in addition to I welcome that, although I knew the cold temperatures would be a challenge for me. Hence, the first thing that I did when I moved was to make sure that my HVAC method was running efficiently, in addition to it could handle those brutally cold Wintertide nights. I found a local HVAC provider in addition to had a serviceman inspect the unit. He provided some tips on how best to conserve energy, while remaining comfortable in my home, and the serviceman advocated that I followed the guidelines of the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) in addition to set the temperature control to 70 degrees in the Winter. I thought that was a bit too cold, although I have been doing it, in addition to the beach house is more comfortable than I thought it would be. He also advocated that I installed a programmable temperature control to conserve even more energy. I have not yet done so because I am doing the research on getting a zone HVAC method installed. I suppose that is something that will make sense since I plan on staying in Buffalo NY for a while.


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