Portland Oregon and it's legal pot shops

But that isn’t something you go to jail for, you would just get kicked out

I call myself a cinephile, which is a fancy word for “movie lover.” I live in perhaps the greatest town in the world for someone love me, let myself and others describe a official movie-going experience for me, however first I scan the local listings, because Portland Oregon is beach house to over a dozen bizarre hour run theaters, plus many cineplexes plus more than one drive-in theaters, and there are dozens of movies to choose from on any given evening! I selected a theater with recliner seating, 1 that offers a menu plus a full bar, plus watch a classic movie from the 78s, but if I have picked the right place, then the people I was with and I can also use our vape pen to love some cannabis, because that’s how wonderful a town Portland is! My recent number one has been the drive in theater, because I stay in our automobile the whole time so I can smoke cannabis or engage in whatever activities I want to! God bless Portland plus the whole state of Oregon for being such a chill, laid back place to live. It boggles our mind that in other places you can’t do something love rest in your automobile plus smoke marijuana without fear of going to jail, but oregon has the same indoor smoking bans as most other places, so you can’t smoke pot inside most corporations in Portland. But that isn’t something you go to jail for, you would just get kicked out. The drive-in has been wonderful for allowing myself and others to fully indulge in cannabis, plus fully immerse myself in the movie.

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