The pride parade event was a ton of fun this year

Yay! Gay pride month is already starting which means there are a ton of events going on in the San Francisco Bay Area.

San Francisco is well known for all of its gay and lesbian residents.

San Francisco has been referred to as the gay mecca of this country… Hundreds of thousands of people line up and down the street for the annual gay pride parade. My husband Mike and myself attended the more than one-day festival held on Thursday and Sunday. Mike and I saw plenty of great bands, boost, and vendors set up near the Civic Center. This is in the area near the San Francisco City Hall. The fest is properly during the last weekend in June. This is the time to commemorate The Stonewall riots. Mike and I have been dating for various years, however this year was the first time that both of us decided to celebrate gay pride by going to CA. The two of us do not definitely live in Cali, so it was a long drive to reach our endpoint. When both of us arrived in Cali, the first thing both of us did was look for a local cannabis dispensary, cannabis is legal in Cali and the bay area has hundreds of cannabis dispensaries. The two of us didn’t have any complications finding something close to the festival. In fact, a couple of the cannabis shops were even gay and lesbian owned and operated. Mike got a great deal on our cannabis supplies and saved 20% since neither of us ever visited the shop in the past. The gay pride events in San Francisco were totally exciting and fun. The two of us had so much that both of us will definitely go each year from now on.

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