Michigan and it's cannabis scene

When it comes to interesting bits of American history, it is difficult to top Michigan, long before it was even a state, before there was even a USA, this was a fascinating part of the world, but this is the region where many indigenous tribes met, to either barter or wage war, plus later it was a fastenion point between Canada plus the USA.

The whole reason I started our podcast was just to collect all the interesting bits of local lore plus legend from the Ann Arbor part of the state. Things actually started to take off once I started doing more research on the history of cannabis in the Ann Arbor area! Not only did I find a lot of wonderful material, although I started to get more popular, just because cannabis is such a sizzling topic here in Ann Arbor, and one of the local Ann Arbor cannabis dispensaries even started sponsoring our show, plus that has actually been a shot in the arm for our self confidence. There are a lot of podcasts out there plus it is difficult to lay out, even in the comparatively small pond that is Ann Arbor, Michigan, however you would suppose that I don’t have a lot of local competition, however there are actually over 100 podcasts that come from Ann Arbor, plus twelve of them have to do with cannabis! That’s a lot of fierce competition, however our series on the history of cannabis cultivation in Ann Arbor is getting more popular every week, so maybe I have turned a corner.


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