Avoiding other cars

One of my number one locales to visit in the San Francisco Bay section is the National Seashore. The National Seashore has a lot of diversity. There are thoUSAnds of unusual plants, pets, as well as marine species. On Monday, my bestie as well as I decided to spend the entire day at the seashore, then we left our condo in San Francisco around 7 in the day. We wanted to miss all of the traffic as well as getting out of the home early was the best way to avoid other cars. We were out of San Francisco Bay before the sun was fully Shining. We spent most of the day exploring the tide pools. We had a picnic lunch by Tomales Bay… My bestie as well as I smoked a marijuana joint while both of us were standing at Tomales Bay. It’s nice to live in a locale where recreational as well as medical marijuana are legal. It’s a single of the largest reasons why I love living in San Francisco. My bestie as well as I had a large burst of energy after smoking the marijuana joint. We spent the rest of the day discovering all of the unusual locales around the National Seashore. We found some absolutely interesting coins on the beach. I don’t suppose they are ancient, but they really look old as well as worn! Both of us were exhausted when it came time to drive home. Thankfully both of us didn’t have a long drive as well as neither a single of us had to go to work the next day; After spending all day at the seashore, it was nice to spend the day on Sunday relaxing


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