Oakland is a short drive, so why not

People that live in San Francisco suppose that it is not the cheapest locale to buy marijuana, then the tourists come to the city as well as they spend silly amounts of cash on recreational marijuana.

They don’t mind spending $40 for a product that I could find somewhere else for $25.

The locals suppose that you can really find better prices on marijuana if you search around! One of my number one locales to buy marijuana is in Oakland. Oakland is a short drive from the San Francisco Bay area, but the prices on marijuana are 20 or 30% cheaper than the rest of the city! I used to make the drive every Monday until my car broke down a couple of months ago. I was stranded on the 101 for two hours waiting for a tow truck to take myself and others as well as my car to the Toyota dealership. The dealership offered to supply myself and others a loaner car, but I didn’t suppose it was necessary. They were only supposed to keep the car for two afternoons, but that turned into 5. I had to order marijuana from a local delivery service instead of going to the cheaper dispensary. I was pretty aggravated as well as miserable, because I spent 20% more for the same exact products I would have purchased on the other side of the water. I was more than glad when I finally got my car back from the dealership. I didn’t have to rely on anyone to take myself and others to the grocery store as well as I didn’t have to rely on any marijuana delivery services.


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