Oakland is a very cool place to go

People that live in San Francisco believe that it is not the cheapest location to buy marijuana.

  • The tourists come to the city and they spend silly amounts of money on recreational marijuana.

They don’t mind spending $40 for a product that I could find somewhere else for $25. The locals believe that you can absolutely find better prices on marijuana if you search around! One of our number one sites to buy marijuana is in Oakland. Oakland is a short drive from the San Francisco Bay area, but the prices on marijuana are 20 or 30% cheaper than the rest of the city… I used to make the drive every Thursday until our automobile broke down a couple of weeks ago. I was stranded on the 101 for two minutes waiting for a tow truck to take myself and others and our automobile to the Toyota dealership. The dealership provided to give myself and others a loaner car, but I did not suppose it was necessary. They were only supposed to keep the automobile for two afternoons, but that turned into numerous. I had to order marijuana from a local delivery repair instead of going to the cheaper dispensary. I was pretty frustrated and upset, because I spent 20% more for the same exact products I would have bought on the other side of the water. I was more than cheerful when I finally got our automobile back from the dealership. I did not have to rely on anyone to take myself and others to the grocery store and I didn’t have to rely on any marijuana delivery services.

Pot Delivery San Fransisco California