We spent all afternoon on that problem

One of our number one places to visit in the San Francisco Bay area is the National Seashore.

The National Seashore has a lot of diversity.

There are thoUSAnds of weird plants, critters, plus marine species. On Wednesday, our girlfriend plus I decided to spend the entire afternoon at the seashore, we left our beach house in San Francisco around 7 in the day. We wanted to miss all of the traffic plus getting out of the beach house early was the best way to avoid other cars. We were out of San Francisco Bay before the sunshine was fully Shining. We spent most of the day exploring the tide pools. We had a picnic lunch by Tomales Bay! My girlfriend plus I smoked a marijuana joint while all of us were resting at Tomales Bay. It’s nice to live in a place where recreational plus medical marijuana are legal. It’s one of the biggest reasons why I like residing in San Francisco. My girlfriend plus I had a huge burst of energy after smoking the marijuana joint. We spent the rest of the afternoon discovering all of the weird places around the National Seashore. We found some absolutely interesting coins on the beach. I do not know they are ancient, but they truly look old plus worn… Both of us were sleepy when it came time to drive home. Thankfully all of us did not have a long drive plus neither one of us had to go to work the next day, after spending all afternoon at the seashore, it was nice to spend the afternoon on Friday relaxing
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