The delivery guy forgot to bring change

Almost everyone knows that orders at the marijuana dispensary have to be paid for with cash.

The marijuana dispensary does not accept debit or credit cards.

You have to use an ATM machine located in the lobby. There are three machines in the lobby at the dispensary close to my apartment. There is a security guard at the front of the parking lot and another security guard in the lobby where all of the ATM machines are located. The security guard can be very intimidating. I’ve ordered from the marijuana dispensary in Albuquerque a couple of different times. On Wednesdays, the Albuquerque dispensary offers 20% off all of the live resin concentrate products. I prefer to vape live resin concentrate products, so this is the perfect time for me to stock up and save a couple bucks. I ordered from the Albuquerque marijuana dispensary last week and the driver forgot to bring change. The total for my order was $74. All I had was a $100 bill. The driver didn’t have any change and he expected me to give him a very large tip. I politely told the driver that I could not afford to give him a $24 tip. The guy went to a gas station down the street to get some cash out of his own bank account. I gave the guy a generous tip, but there was absolutely no way that I was going to give the driver a $25 tip for traveling two miles in downtown Albuquerque traffic. The driver should have definitely thought ahead and brought a couple of fives and ones with him.

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