All of the concentrates were cheap

I smoked the last of my Blue Dream sativa strain this morning.

I decided to go to the marijuana dispensary in Denver to stock up on more concentrate.

I went to the bank to withdraw cash from the ATM first. The Denver marijuana dispensaries only take cash. I withdrew $200 from my bank account so I could stock up on concentrates. I drove to the other side of Denver so I could go to the cheaper marijuana dispensary. This certain locale always has mix & match sales. On that certain morning, all of the marijuana concentrates were BOGO half off. I picked out a couple of live resin sativa strains, including a green dream product. Blue Dream is genuinely my preferred sativa strain, & I hate to run out. I also picked up a gram of live resin Super Silver Haze. I purchased 2 Indica strains in addition to the 2 sativa strains. The Indica strains were papaya & Dosidos. Both of the live resin concentrate strains were $35, however I got 2 extra strains for half price. While I was at the Denver cannabis dispensary, I also bought a half ounce of flour. I purchased a sativa dominant strain called Ultra Jack. It is a hybrid of Jack Herer & another 1 of my preferred sativa strains. I walked out of the dispensaries feeling like I robbed a bank. I got a lot of good deals & I ended up getting a big bang for my buck. I spent less than $200 & I had a tote full of goodies.

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