I like to sneak a joint discreetly whenever I take a walk down to Trinity Bellwoods Park

The number of public parks in Toronto is absolutely insane, and few people believe me when I tell them.

  • I was visiting my family in Alberta during the winter holidays and told them that Toronto has over 1,500 public parks to explore from one edge of the city to the next.

They were surprised and thought that I must be exaggerating, but you can easily see this the moment you open Toronto on a GPS app. There is a park for every other city block it seems, with some spanning several acres in size. For instance, Beaumont Park isn’t far from the CN Tower, yet it boasts a public campground like you’d expect to find in Glen Rouge. One of my favorite public parks in Toronto is Trinity Bellwoods Park on Queens Street adjacent to the West Queen West neighborhood. Trinity Bellwoods Park contains a community recreation centre, hockey rink, dog bowl, and farmer’s market. Whenever I’m in Trinity Bellwoods Park, I like to sneak a joint away from the immediate public view if there aren’t too many people around on a random afternoon. There are so many trees and hills that it usually isn’t difficult, especially if I pretend that I’m smoking a cigarette. When I had to leave Toronto for a year during college, the city I stayed in had virtually no urban parks. I didn’t realize what I was missing not being in Toronto. The local government has gone out of their way to ensure that the urban development of Toronto does not stifle the natural environment of southern Ontario.


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