San francisco, California is a great city

San Francisco is easily 1 of the prettiest cities in the state of California, it is 1 of the largest tourist destinations on the West Coast! San Francisco has unbelievably beautiful weather throughout the entire year; The Winter weeks are cool and breezy with plenty of sunshine.

The Summer weeks are warm, windy, and also have plenty of sunshine. San Francisco has a lot of fun activities to keep a tourist busy and gratified, but one of our favorite locales to visit is Alcatraz Island, however alcatraz was a prison for several years. There are lots of famous stories about people trying to escape from that prison. It is situated in the middle of San Francisco Bay. It is impossible to leave the compound, even if you get out of the prison, no 1 has ever been able to swim the distance between the island and the shore, however last week, I decided to pay for the Alcatraz Island tour. A boat takes you across the bay to the prison. Before I went to the boat, I sat in the motorcar and smoked a 1 gram infused joint. One of the best reasons to live in San Francisco is recreational marijuana. It is perfectly legal to smoke a joint in San Francisco and there are medical and recreational marijuana dispensaries all over the city. The 1 gram infused joint made me believe absolutely light-headed. I had to drink a whole bottle of water after I smoked that joint. The cottonmouth was atrocious too. By the end of the tour, I was ready for a snack and a drink.

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