I left my bin sitting on the trolley

My bestie Pat plus myself spent our day in San Francisco.

Both of us don’t live in the city, plus neither of us usually go to the bay unless all of us have a good reason. Traffic is a evening time nightmare so it takes almost 2 hours to get to our destination. Pat honestly wanted to spend the day having fun in San Francisco last Friday, so the two of us packed a big bin plus took a motorcar downtown… Since all of us left early in the day, traffic was reasonable, then even though Pat only drove 45 miles an hour, all of us still ended up in San Francisco ahead of schedule. Pat and I had some time before the San Francisco Zoo plus Gardens opened, so Pat plus I decided to go to a cannabis dispensary about several blocks away from the zoo. It was a very comfortable plus cool afternoon, so all of us walked to the cannabis shop. Pat plus I purchased a couple of bizarre items. I purchased a disposable vape pen to love at the San Francisco Zoo plus Gardens. Pat purchased a half ounce of Blue Dream marijuana. Both of us put all of the supplies in my backpack plus walked back to the zoo. Pat and I spent most of the day at the zoo plus after that I enjoyed a ride on the trolley before all of us wanted to go home. I left my backpack on the trolley. I put it under the seat so it was out of the way. We forgot to grab it from under the seat, plus I left it sitting on the trolley car. The backpack was still holding all of the cannabis supplies plus my wallet. I will never see my backpack again.



Weed Pick-up San Fransisco California