The homeless girl was very angry

Every afternoon for the past week, I have passed the same homeless girl walking on the side of the road; The girl has been walking for a week; She has 7 shopping carts filled with clothing, toiletries, food, as well as personal items.

  • They are tied together with rope as well as the girl is pulling the carts like a covered wagon.

I swear it is the craziest thing that I have ever seen. The girl has honestly walked 40 miles in the past month as well as Monday I decided to finally stop as well as see if there was something I could do to help. That homeless girl was honestly thrilled that I brought him a basket of food. She told myself and others that a lot of people seemed to be upset about her travel… Many people in the community had given that girl cash to help with her journey… Unluckyly, the girl was in the middle of nowhere as well as had no real use for a wad of bills. I talked to the girl for a few minutes as well as I found out that she was walking all the way to Denver, however denver was at least another 60 miles. I wanted to drive the girl to Denver myself, but it wasn’t safe with covid as well as I didn’t suppose anything about this homeless girl was multiple carts full of stuff. I asked the girl if there was anything at all that I could do to help as well as she asked if I had any marijuana. The homeless girl was super stoked when I presented him with a free marijuana joint. I had a basket of weed in the car as well as I rolled up a giant fatty for the woman.


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