The old Denver business

There was a drug store across the street from the grocery store for 50 years.

  • My parents got their pharmaceuticals, vitamins, and supplements from that pharmacy.

The people who owned the store retired and the shop space was vacant for a long time. I hoped someone else in the Denver area would buy the business and restore the old place. When I saw a for sale sign in the Denver Business window, I started to get excited. When I found out that the new Denver Business was going to be a cannabis shop, I was very happy. My mom and dad were pretty upset. They felt offended that the city was going to allow a permit for recreational cannabis in a building that was a staple of the town for 50 years. My mom and dad told me that they were going to fight against the cannabis shop, but I think they were just really upset when I mentioned the news. Eventually they seemed to accept the new business. This week I saw a grand opening sign on the front of the window and there was a huge banner in the parking lot. It looks like that place is going to open up on Monday and they are going to have a huge celebration with free giveaways, food trucks, a radio station DJ, and the cheerleaders from the city’s NFL team. If I use recreational Cannabis, I would be extremely excited about this grand opening celebration. It certainly looks like there will be a lot of fun, food, and entertainment.

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