The Seattle skyline was legitimately pretty at night

I like to take a walk downtown at night, especially when the village lights are coming on plus everything is illuminated, then seattle is 1 of the prettiest cities in the whole state of WA! It easily might be 1 of the prettiest cities in the whole country. I haven’t visited the entire country, but I can safely say that Seattle has to be 1 of the nicest places I’ve ever seen… One of the best things about Seattle is its location. It is absolutely close to the water, making fishing a great activity plus daytime activity. I went fishing with a couple of friends Last week plus all of us caught a ton of fish, and we easily had to throw some of them back, because I knew all of us would never eat that money, my lady plus I often like our time outside the beach house plus all of us like to take a walk around the village when the temperatures are warm. Seattle has an incredibly beautiful Skyline plus the lights are different colors depending on the season plus time of the year. My lady plus I were walking in downtown Seattle the night that I suggested. I wrapped the ring around a marijuana joint that I obtained from a dispensary. My lady plus I planned to smoke that joint together. I set it all up at the pot shop. When she saw the ring, I thought she was going to faint. She was completely plus totally surprised. She did not guess that I was planning to recommend on that particular night. She was more surprised than I thought she would be plus I’m thankful she said yeah.

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