I've never been to Illinois

I was staying in Lansing, IL with my aunt and uncle while mom and dad were on their second honeymoon.

They were invited to a friend of theirs for dinner, but I didn’t know the people.

I didn’t feel comfortable going to someone’s house when I didn’t know who they were. My aunt insisted I would enjoy the BBQ, but I wasn’t feeling it. I knew I was acting like a brat with all of my pouting, but it usually made mom change their minds. Uncle Chuck raised an eyebrow and told me I had five minutes if I wanted to comb my hair, brush my teeth, and put on some makeup. Five minutes later, I was in the car with them. It was so hot outside that I was wishing to be back home. There was excellent air conditioning in the house, but not outside. I said that it would be much better for all of us if we were to stay home where there was AC. Uncle Chuck laughed and said I sounded just like my mother at my age. When we got to the house, I was surprised to see all the young people there. We were relegated to the basement where there was a playroom with all kinds of games and a pool table. The air conditioning felt amazing compared to the blazing sun outside. I’m glad Uncle Chuck made me come.


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