Fishing with my boys in Orland Park, Illinois

My sons and I love to go fishing together.

What is nice is that our location, Orland Park Illionios, allows us to do this.

The Centennial Park offers two gian fishing lakes on the south end. My boys and I pack up the gear and spend a day fishing. The park also has soccer fields, baseball, skatepark, a playground and a fitness center. If we wanted to do more than fish, we could. Typically us guys make a day of it. We get lunch in town and then fish for hours. We then go back home, grill up whatever we caught and have a nice evening as a family. When people hear about where I live a lot of people assume my boys and I are going ice fishing. Yes, it does get cold in my area to where I rely on my heating equipment most of the year. The spring and summer weather is quite pleasant though. My boys and I have nearly six months of good fishing weather. Some Days our crew needs to bundle up in coats, hats and gloves, but it is still a fun time. I pack a thermos filled with hot chocolate and we bundle together for warmth. It almost makes it more fun when it is slightly chilly. After the cold wind and water, it is nice going inside to our warm home. My wife and I sprung for the good fireplace our local HVAC company offered. The boys gather around the fire to warm up while I put away the gear. It is a nice little thing we do together.

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