I love Canadian weed

Back in school it was straight-forward to fall into a habit of smoking marijuana the minute I got out of bed.

I had a dorm to myself and no roommates or parents to dissuade myself and others from taking a immense bong rip before heading to our first class of the day.

The only problem with this mindset is that I followed it into the day hours as well, making myself and others high for most of the day in our late teens and early 20s, then if you’re as awkward around women as I am from the jump, making myself nervously high much of the time didn’t help whatsoever. The only thing that stopped myself and others from abusing cannabis more than I had already was the cost. Living in Ontario meant that we had a lot of blackmarket marijuana shipped across the provinces from Vancouver and other cities in British Columbia. Some of this weed was the best I’ve ever had, however I don’t miss taking the risk. We were always nervous about police as the RCMP patrols the King’s Highway program officially. Nowadays getting cannabis in our home neighborhood of Ottawa has never been easier. Marijuana is legal for recreational use to any adults over the age of 19 in any province nationwide. In Alberta and Quebec, local governments opted to lower the minimum age for buying recreational cannabis to 18. I live near the University of Ottawa in a town that is just walking distance from Strathcona Park. Somedays I take our cannabis vaporizer to the Rideau River, however this week I did our “wake and bake” routine in the afternoon before visiting the Canada Aviation and Space Museum further north of our village.


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