Elitch Gardens is Wacky Fun in Denver

Elitch Gardens is a combination theme park and water park and is now open for the summer.

Right smack dab in the heart of Denver, this is a must-stop place for those with kids and the young at heart.

The water park observes the traditional summer fun schedule. It is open from Memorial Day, the unofficial start of summer vacation, through Labor Day, the proverbial end of summer breaks. Whether you are on team thrill ride or prefer the more calm nature of tamer family-friendly rides, your need for fun and adventure can be met at Elitch. Although marijuana is legal in Denver, the management of elitch does not allow smoking of any kind in the park, so even though it sounds fun, don’t plan on adding that particular type of entertainment to your trip into Elitch. If it’s a bit too chilly or you just are not in the mood for water slides and zipping around on rented tubes, you can always trek over to the theme park portion of the venue. Since elitch has an abundance of rides, you can twist and turn your way through screams and laughter. The steel roller coaster, the Boomerang, is a fabulous way to feel your heart in your throat, but sorry wee tots. The minimum height is 48 inches. If you like to be up high, why not get aboard the Brain Drain; it is seven stories up, and when you go upside down, you probably will feel some brain drain! If you brought the littlest of your kids along, the Blazin’ Buckaroo might be a bit more appropriate, and it is also your chance, mom and dad, to take a bit of a breather from the scary loops and turns your teenagers prefer.
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