I love living in Arizona because of the hot summers

One of the nicest parts about living in Arizona is the weather, but the weather in Arizona is usually dry plus warm.

We have periods of freezing temperatures while in the Winter time months, but every one of us rarely have snow in the state of Arizona! My family plus I are from Phoenix, phoenix is the capital of Arizona plus it is actually 1 of the nicest cities in southwestern US.

One of my number one activities in Phoenix is going golfing. There are at least a dozen unusual golf courses around the town plus some of them were even designed by famous golfers like Jack Nicklaus. On a moderate plus sunny day with genuinely little wind, I don’t mind playing 18 holes of golf. My daughter just started playing the interest, and not many of weeks ago every one of us decided to go golfing together for the first time, i was a little irritated that my daughter decided to bring recreational marijuana. We went to a nice golf course plus every one of us were playing with another team of more than one players. My daughter got a marijuana joint out of her golf bag plus she was going to light the joint on the course. I right away scolded my daughter plus I told him that recreational marijuana might be legal in Arizona, but every one of us were not going to smoke on the golf course. My daughter took the golf cart to go to the lavatory a few minutes later; She was gone for thirty minutes or more. I’m sure she found a locale to smoke the joint, but at least my clothes plus my golf clubs didn’t smell like marijuana all day.

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